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Patty relied on independent operators and concessionaires from the very inception of Conklin & Garrett All Canadian Shows.

Patty would book the route and provide the infrastructure which included sleepers, box and rail cars, transformer wagons and electrical cable, some stick joints, a couple of rides Eli Wheel and Flying Jenny carousel, the office and not much else. The remainder of the show was made up of independents including flat store agents, grab operators, and a multitude of shows.

The early carnivals featured a wide variety of live attractions, animal, freaks, grinds, pit, grind, ding and girl shows. These shows were all produced by independent showmen. Just as the original carnivals relied on independents showmen and women, the show has continued to rely on their special talents.

Conklin Shows has booked hundreds of show, food, game and ride independents during over fifty years of operation. The list reflects only a small portion of the men and women who contributed to the operation and success of the company. We apologize to those we have omitted and would be pleased to add them to our listing. Send along your information to us and please include the year booked, name of the attraction and any stories or comments.

Please help us keep these pages accurate, contact us to report any errors or omissions. Thank you.

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