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Money acquired by a ticket seller by shortchanging the public.

Walk Through

A show of sorts, or funhouse. The MARKS move in and out without sitting down.


To hand money to another.

Wheel, The

1. Big Eli was not a person, but a ride: the Ferris Wheel. Originally manufactured by the Eli Bridge Company, the first Ferris Wheel was a monster, more than a hundred feet high exhibited at the Chicago World's Fair.

2. This also can refer to the roulette or game wheels.

Whiz Mob


"Whoa Red"

A midway theme song.

Wing-ding Broad

A girl who faints in front of a GEEK to draw patrons into the tent.

Wire Walker

A telegraph delivery boy.

With It

The term is the ultimate compliment. If you are "with it," you have the very best interest of the show at heart. An expression whereby carnies may know each other even though they have never seen each other before. Warning do not attempt to use this word unless you have been instructed in the proper delivery of it.

White Money

Regular coins of the United States and Canada with which the old time carnivals were apt to pay their employees only when they were doing good business.


The question, " Will we work tonight?" implies not labour, but larceny.

Write Show

To sell advertising space that is generally never published.


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