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Take a Powder, To

To leave without giving notice.

Take it on the Arthur, To

To run away.


The man who does the outside talks and lectures in front of an attraction was the "talker," never the BARKER in an outside show.

Tap City

Dead broke.


Money received from merchants in exchange for banner advertising.

Tear Down

Dismantling the midway at the end of an engagement.


Any showman who rents ground for his amusements from a fairground lessee.


Ten shows under one roof

Three Sheets



Money Box.


The canvas awning to any amusement device, presumably so called because of the angle of inclination designed to act as a water shed.

Tilt Rods

Those structural members that carry the tilt. Awning rods.


A STICK or SHILL on concessions.

Tinsel Molls

Painted ladies of the tenderloin; DIRTY LEGS.


A crowd of prospective customers.


A pitchman or carnival barker.

Tish Note

Phoney money used to purchase the wares of ladies of the night.


The total fairground complex. Its planning, organization, and induced atmosphere. More specifically, the layout of rides, booths, and JOINTS.

T. & K. Man

T for tripod, K for KEYSTER; a talker who works the front of shows and whose sole purpose is to bring the public into the attraction.


A person's posterior.

Took the Fence

TO BLOW with the receipts of the show, ride, or concession.


A tent used in a carnival.


A resident of a town in which the carnival is playing. A carnival spectator.


An outdoor show or performance.


A person who has spent at least one full season with some type of travelling amusement organization.

True Pot

A story that is true, even if a bit on the long side.


The seats of many of the riding devices.

Tunnel of Love

Almost any amusement device incorporating a ride through a darkened tunnel- the connotations are obvious. See also STINK FINGER.

Tunnel Trade

Customers that patronize hood covered rides, such as Rocky Road to Dublin and the Caterpillar.


Bad or losing show.

Turning the Duke

Short changing someone.

Turning the Tip

Raking in money.

Twenty-four-hour Man

An agent who travels ahead of the show to arrange for the show's arrival and appearance.


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