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The glass ball used by a crystal-gazer.

Magic Carpet

Hyla F. Maynes' Fun House was the original Magic Carpet. Later the name came to mean something else. Old-time showmen always went to the Sherman Hotel when in Chicago, usually at convention time. There they met other showmen in the lobby. The carpet there became known by all showmen as the magic carpet because it was where many deals were made. The name carries on to this day, but at other hotels and in other cities.


Designated by smart carnies and circeys as a man to be trimmed.


A cheque.

Michigan Bank Roll

Phoney bank roll with a few dollar bills on the outside, wrapped around a lot of paper.

Midway Bonus

An artificial promise; usually a chance on last year's sweepstakes.

Midway Snitch

A press agent who reports the news. Most of them write bad weeks into RED ONES.

Milky Way

The custard machine's location.

Mirror Maze

As the name implies, a labyrinth of mirrors, plain and distorting, with clear glass thrown in to add to the confusion.

Mitt Camp

The fortune telling JOINT.

Mitt Reader

A fortune teller of either sex. "Mitt readers" were mostly aged females too old for other work.


One of several small dummies set up to be knocked over by baseballs at a carnival tent; hence a stupid person.

Monday Man

One who steals clothes from clotheslines.


Ace: $1
Deuce: $2
Trey: $3
Four Singles: $4
Fin: $5
Sawbuck: $10
Sauskee: $15
Double Sawbuck: $20
Half A Yard: $50
Yard Note: $100
Half A Gee: $500
A Grand or A Gee Note: $1000
Jit: 5¢
Deemer: 10¢
Kuter or Two Bits: 25¢
Half or Four Bits: 50¢
Smesh: Small coins like nickels, dimes, and quarters.
Folding Stuff: Paper money.


A average man; one who is not a hobo, with a carnival, or on the GRIFT.


A carnival-goer; a MARK.


An attorney.


The JUMP between towns on the show's route.

Mud Outfit

A cheap, dirty, rundown carnival.

Mug Joint

A tent, booth, or gallery in which one's photograph is taken and printed in a short time.


A rubber-tired tractor used to spot empty wagons and load the show train.


An umbrella .


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