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A leak


Something is "larry" when it is no good, a bad date or bad merchandise.

Latin, Carny

A form of "Pig Latin" used by some young carnies to impress the town MARKS.


This might be a noun or a verb. Euphemisms abound, as in a " one-night stand" or "to score". Basically, it's either the act of sexual congress or it can be said of one of the partners, as "she's a good lay."

Laying the Note

A type of swindle done by petty larceny thieves.

Lay of the Land

The main feature in a girlie dance show.

Lay down

The covering for a concession counter painted with the game on which customers lay the money they're gambling.

Leak, To

To give out news or plans before the official announcement.


The inside talker in a show.

Left-hand Side

Most North Americans move to the right, so carnival midways are laid out to take advantage of this habit. Shows catering to children are always spotted on the right hand side, if possible. Shows for the sports are in the backend.




A store or JOINT in the line, as opposed to one in a central position.


A set-up JOINT.


A bar in a bar-room.


The ground where carnivals are held .

Lot Call

The opening of the show.

Lot Lice

Locals who arrive early and stay late without spending, or ladies that hang out on the show for better or for worse.


A constant borrower.

Lug Him Out, To

To take a mark away.


Liquor and beer.

Lush Wagon

The trailer where the fair's management and directors are plied with booze.


An habitual drinker.


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