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The tent specifically set up for the private and exclusive use of show employees to BLOW their money gambling after closing.


1. A cheap place of amusement, specifically the stance or showground where fairs are held.

2. The control on a concession operation.


Something fixed or crooked.

Gaff Joint

A rigged or crooked joint.

Gandy Dancer

A seller of novelties at a carnival.

Garbage Stand

A novelty booth.


A ROUGHIE or staff person, usually temporary, who erects and dismantles the rides and games and is hired solely because of availability - sometimes called "Boy."


A snake-eating wild man. The snake is pushed into the geek's face who bites its head off and spits it out. He doesn't actually eat the snake; for that see GLOOMING GEEK.

General Agent

A person whose nerve lies in his boss's name. The booking agent.

Getting Well

Making money.

Ghost Train

A ride and show combined. At discreet intervals, dummy trains carrying no more than two passengers and running on an energized rail- penetrate the darkened booth. A labyrinth of hair-raising spectacles, optical tricks, and surprises tactfully await them.


A show that moves by rail. All equipment is moved to and from the train by wagon.


To handle by manpower alone, or to move in a vehicle not built for the equipment being moved.

Gilly Show

A carnival that is transported by train and offloaded into wagons before being set up. Such carnivals might carry Ali Baba and his forty sticks, two cooch dancers, and a big contempt for rubes.


Any trick, secret device, or gadget by which a pitchman, gambler, or the like cheats the public or stimulates business.

Glass House

The crystal maze and house of mirrors.

Glim Worker

One who sells plain glass (as opposed to prescription) eyeglasses.

Glitter Gals

Performers in girl shows.

Glom or Glim, To

To look.



Glooming Geek

A GEEK who uses his hands TO GLOM the thing he is going to eat instead of having it pushed in his face. He appears to like it and chews it up well, not spitting it out like an ordinary GEEK.

Goes to the Barn

When the show goes into winter quarters it "goes to the barn."


A thief.


A rustic; a person easily duped; an easy mark.

Grab Joint or Grease Joint

A centrally located snack stand that sells PALE-MEAT sandwiches, and orange- and lemon-flavoured "Sani-Flush" drinks, known as internal douches.

Green Man

An inexperienced worker.


Concessionnaires who operate controlled concessions.


A person who has a certain "set spiel" or sequence of words that he delivers from the front of a midway attraction as long as the show is open. If a show has BALLYS, the spiel is a "grind". Ticket sellers "grind" as they sell tickets.

Grind House

A BARKER who talks, often continuously, in front of a sideshow about the show inside.

Grind Show

One that keeps going from the minute it opens until it closes.

Gripe, To

To complain.


Alcoholic beverages.

Group Game

A game where more than one person participates.


1. Inferior, uninteresting; boring; disliked; disagreeable.

2. A pitchman who sells miracle glue that is reputed to join any broken item or materials.


Chickens (of the fowl variety) .


One who operates the device which controls the game, for example, a BUCKET GUNNER.


A young boy.

G Wheel

The "G" stands for gaff.


One who uses shrewd, unethical business methods; a swindler, a cheater.


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