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Show with men who impersonate women.

Fan, To

To locate the potential victim's pocket holding money or valuables.


An investigator.

Fifth Wheel

The section that connects the front wheels to a show wagon, enabling the wheels to turn.

Finger, To

To accuse someone of violating the law, causing him to be arrested.


A showman who is no good.

First of May

An expression used for one just commencing in show business.


This can either be a person who makes arrangements for the show or one who can handle and take care of small legal and insurance problems that may crop up.


The prize merchandise, particularly the fabulous prize.


An illuminated wheel.

Flashing Their Joints

Getting the games ready for the marks.


Pertaining to or associated with any carnival gambling game, especially one in which money, rather than merchandise, is the prize.

Flat Joint

1. A carnival gambling or game concession or booth in which one plays for money, not prizes.

2. A gambling or game concession.

3. A crooked gambling or game concession, implying that "flat" means a wheel of chance that is weighted or not perfectly circular.

Flat Stores

GYP joints set up solely for the purpose of taking the marks as quickly as possible.


The operator of a FLAT STORE.

Flea Circus

An exhibition of (apparently) performing fleas.


1. A virtuous KIP in a carnival sleeper.

2. To beg on city streets by sitting on sidewalks.


In pre-bottled-drink days, this was midway-mixed soft drinks. It was said that what wasn't sold was used to disinfect show sleepers (bunkhouses), or for developing fluid for mug joints.


One who remains in a certain vicinity. A short jump by road.

Forty-nine Camp

A fairground type of dance hall where girls dance with the customers at so-much-a-dance and steer men to the bar to buy drinks.

Frame a Joint

To construct a concession.

Freak Show

An exhibition of human or animal freaks, now declining in popularity.


1. The front of a midway show or attraction.

2. An individual's personal appearance and clothing.

Front End

The concessions.

Front Gate

The entrance to the midway.


Law-enforcement officers.


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