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"one- , two-, three- and four-abreast" refer to the arrangement, side-by-side, of horses, cockerels, bicycles, or other vehicles in a Roundabout.


Everything pertaining to the show on its route before it arrives in a town.

Advance Agents

The Contracting Agent is the person who gets all contracts signed for a show's exhibition date.

The General Agent is the person who lays out the route of a show and negotiates for the exhibit date. (On carnivals the general agent also acts as contractor.)

The Special Agent is the person who goes into town ahead of the show and makes final arrangements for the exhibition. (On carnivals this person usually sold advertising banners to the local merchants. )


The concession clerk.


Someone or something sent in advance of the show.


An office "gofer".

Alibi Agent

A carnie who stands behind his counter and explains why you missed or, if you hit, why he won't payoff. Alibi agents were used on such games as Flukey Ball, Bushel Baskets, Six Cats and Darts.


A rustic ; an unsophisticated or inexperienced person, who can be hoaxed easily.


1. TOWNIES. 2. Freaks.


The front gate of a carnival.


Primarily the collective name for modern switchbacks; specifically the term "Noah's Ark" referred to a circular ride having an undulating track.

A&S Man

Age and Scale Operator.

At Show

A carnival midway show featuring athletic contests between boxers and wrestlers carried by the show and local champions or contenders.


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