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The history of the Conklin Group goes back to the 1920s. While World's Finest Shows and Supershows remain in the Conklin Group, as you all know in late 2004 Conklin Shows became part of North American American Midway Entertainment Inc. The time is right to commemorate the staff of the Conklin Group.

Always one to appreciate tradition and the folks who make it, Mr. James F. Conklin has sponsored a project to provide associates of the Conklin Group an opportunity to set down their memories in a form more durable than the minds that carry them. Depending on the reception of this collection of 24 Jackpots, the project may go on to gather more of you in its orbit.

This section contains transcripts of interviews conducted at the 2005 Central Canada Exhibition and Canadian National Exhibition. They are sorted by when the interviews happened.

Margie Shanck Is the rumour that Margie started in a girl show with Jimmy Sullivan in the '50s true?
Bill "Box" Napper Read thrilling stories about bags of money, a runaway babe and what Box shares with J.J. Moran.
Terry "Torch" Warboys Find out how one ex-NHL star found happiness on the midway of his dreams.
Barry Jamieson What can you say about Barry? Whatever it is, make sure it keeps the big guy on your side.
Rick Smith Selling cars and selling a midway may use the same talents, but those talents are no good against an ox.
John Drummey From west to south to east, John's seen it all and done a fare share of it himself.
Dave McKelvey Learn how growing up in the right neighbourhood can lead to running a Supershow. But Lilly?
Ozzie Mostowy With the number of years he's been with it and for it, Ozzie will likely never get away from the carnival.
Haley Gregory Off the road since 2000, Haley takes her holidays to work with her friends at the Ottawa Ex.  
Barry "Bloke" Ford An English import, Conklin Shows helped Bloke become a true North American. See Howard's story.
Jan Faltash The carnival in her blood, Jan left the financial services industry to come home a few years ago.  
Howard Pringle "Is there a short version of this story?" friends ask Howard. Let's be thankful the tape broke.
Jimmy Kong Mr. Kong worked around the world in the amusement business. So how did he end up with waffles?
John Gallant Another western boy makes good in the carnival business from rides to e-tickets.
Brian "Doc" Godin Doc proves that Maritimers have a place in the carnival business too.
Dave Bastedo Just a taste of Dave's memories. There should be lots more to come.
Kenny Galuska His dad saved Patty and Cy Hardy from doing time, and Kenny's been doing time ever since.
Bob Hunter Learn if Hunter's claim to be the reason the show needs Guest Relations is true.
Alfie Phillips Alfie may be working on his own carnival book, but he shared some of his broad view of the industry.
Ross Curry Ross figured the bank would be too boring so he became a carnival accountant.
Bea Negus Among many memories, Bea recalls a French Trappist monk who helped her husband, Bob, 44 years ago.
May Robertson Read how, single-handled, May took on two thugs who tried to steal the boss's golf cart.
Greg "Scooter" Korek Tales of innovation, inspiration, improvisation and insanity from one of the Wit brothers. 
John Anderson When somebody died, John filled in, so to save his buddy Scooter, they crawled home one night.

Note: There are over 200 pages of interviews here, mostly verbatim and unedited. If you find spelling mistakes or typos, or want to add something, contact me at john [dot] thurston [at] sympatico [dot] ca. Thank you!


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